Paul Petticrew

Paul Petticrew has been an attorney for over 38 years. As President of National A.D.R. Services, Inc., he mediates or arbitrates over 300 cases each year, has mediated over 10,000 cases in his career, and has settled over 85 percent of the cases he has mediated, all of which rank him among the top mediators in the State of Indiana.

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Below are listed the advantages of choosing Paul Petticrew as your mediator:

  • Open Calendar. Paul is a full-time mediator scheduling two mediations each day and willing to mediate cases in the evening or on weekends. To view his calendar click here.
  • Ease of Scheduling. Call 317MEDIATE (317-633-4283) or click here to email Paul. He will set up a conference call, send out calendars to select preferred dates, or click here to view his calendar and email your preferences to
  • Low Costs. While the average cost of other mediators can often approach $1,000 for each side, Paul only charges a flat fee of $500 for each side. There are no “hidden” or extra charges for scheduling, Reports to the Court, calling for lien or medical bill reduction, telephone, copying, or other attending administration fees. Unless you request otherwise, Paul will conclude the mediation within ½ day.
  • No Cancellation or Rescheduling Fee. In this time of last minute settlements and busy schedules, Paul does not charge a cancellation or rescheduling fee.
  • No Travel Cost. To assist you settling cases throughout Indiana, Paul does not charge any travel time costs or mileage fees.
  • Effectiveness in Settling Cases. The bottom line is closing files. Paul has settled over 85 percent of his first 10,000 cases. A combination of his unique, persuasive approach, unsurpassed mediation experience, financial analysis of Court versus settlement results, medical knowledge, and unparalleled ability to reduce outstanding medical bills, chiropractor bills, and liens (including ERISA) have been the key to his being among the leaders in the country in successful settling cases in mediation.
  • Ease of Preparation & Mediating By Participants. Paul does not require a pre-mediation statement, but will study whatever is submitted. If attorneys prefer, opening sessions are not required.