“SUCCESSFUL CLAIMS RESOLUTION” is a course that includes the ten keys to success as a negotiator of claims that has been specifically developed for the claims handler.  Over 140 successful negotiation tactics, strategies, and techniques are reviewed, as well as how to most efficiently use mediation to resolve claims from the claims handler’s perspective.

A 500 page reference book is provided to each attendee.  Interaction between presenter and attendees insures their comprehension and participation.  Name cards are used to personalize the attendees participation as first names are used.  The subject material is so interesting that it keeps the attendees attention.  Attendees are asked to follow along in the textbook as the presenter reviews the material and cites specific examples.


                                              SUCCESSFUL CLAIMS RESOLUTION

Presenting a ONE DAY WORKSHOP providing comprehensive training on effective negotiation and mediation of claims for insurance claims handlers.


A.        The Ideal Negotiator
B.         Ten Keys to Success as a Negotiator

1.         Strive for Mutual Satisfaction
2.         Learn to Use Time
3.         Gathering Information Through Questioning
4.         Gathering Information About Listening
5.         Understanding Power and Its Advantages to the Defense
6.         Identifying the Hidden Language of Negotiating
7.         Identifying Personality and Behavioral Styles
8.         Plan Your Work - Work Your Plan
9.         Persuasion Includes Building Trust
10.       Knowledge of Negotiation Strategies and Techniques

C.        One Hundred Forty Negotiation Tactics, Strategies and Techniques

1.         Before the Meeting
2.         During the Meeting
3.         After the Meeting