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In this day and age, insurance companies are improving their negotiation abilities and winning the public perception against claimants.  This course outlines steps required of a Plaintiff’s attorney to maximize his or her client’s personal injury claim.


I.         Knowing Your Client & Potential Defendant(s)
II.        Understanding Course of Medical Treatment and Medical Providers
III.       Setting Up a Case for Excess and First Party Bad Faith
IV.       Identifying How Case Computer Evaluations (“Colossus”) Work and How to Maximize Claim
V.        Proper Support for Bodily Injury Claims
VI.       Proper Support for Wage Loss Claims
VII.      Value in the Defense Attorney and Adjusters Review
VIII.     Building Jury Appeal
IX.       PPI Rating
X.        Cross Examining the IME Doctor
XI.       Effectively Combating A Peer Review
XII.      Art of Negotiating a Claim
XIII.     Art of Mediating
XIV.    Choosing an Effective Mediator
XV.      Voir Dire
XVI.    Trial Preparation
XVII.   Closing
XIX.    Settling Cases
XX.     Proper Documentation

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Paul Petticrew has been an attorney for over 44 years. As President of National A.D.R. Services, Inc., he mediates or arbitrates over 400 cases each year, has mediated over 13,000 cases in his career, and has settled over 85 percent of the cases he has mediated, all of which rank him among the top mediators in the State of Indiana.

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